Estate Planning, Probate & Trust Administration

Estate Planning involves planning for the distribution and protection of your assets according to your wishes, as well as providing clear instruction to those managing your affairs if you become disabled. Probate and Trust Administration involves carrying out those wishes after death. Whether creating a will to distribute assets at your death, establishing a trust that allows you to control how your money is used even after your death, appointing people to care for your minor children or those with special needs, or providing probate or trust administration services, Orlebeke Mackraz PC can offer you peace of mind now and protect your loved ones in the future.

Estate Planning at Orlebeke Mackraz PC involves more than just filling out paperwork—it involves compassionate counsel and tailoring a plan that best suits your individual needs. Administering an estate is likewise a legal matter that we understand is highly personal and often emotional. While putting off Estate Planning or Administration is understandable and not uncommon, we recommend you contact us sooner rather than later to help you with these important matters.