Civil Litigation

When two or more parties become embroiled in a dispute seeking money or to compel certain performance, civil litigation is often the result. Civil litigation is a long and sometimes expensive process that broadly entails submitting or answering a complaint filed in court, investigating the case through written questions and in person questioning under oath, dispute resolution, trial, and sometimes an appeal. While many cases are settled before suit and more resolved prior to a trial, you need skilled attorneys with extensive jury trial experience to help you navigate the process, make wise decisions, and prevail at trial, if necessary. At Orlebeke Mackraz PC, we are mindful of the emotional and financial costs of taking a case to court, or defending one brought against our clients, but stand ready to do so aggressively and successfully when the situation requires it.

At Orlebeke Mackraz PC, we have successfully handled personal and commercial litigation matters for many years, including business disputes; employment litigation; personal injury; auto, motorcycle, and truck accidents; fair housing discrimination; breach of contract; real estate disputes; shareholder and business owner disputes; non-compete and confidentiality matters; sales commission disputes; shareholder oppression; construction litigation; malpractice matters; and the myriad other situations that require prosecuting or defending an action in court.